If Glitch.org.uk has provided, or where you have translated these terms, the English terms shall take precedence where there is a contradiction.

“Content” is used to refer to images, videos, text and 3D models on or from Glitch.org.uk.

This website and its content is copyright © of David S Jones. All rights reserved. These terms and conditions cannot be overridden by your own terms and conditions.

Any redistribution or reproduction in whole or in part of the contents in any form is prohibited without express written consent or as detailed below.

You may not, except with express written permission or where exception is permitted by license, adapt or commercially exploit the content.

Where a license permits redistribution, adaptation or commercial use; such a license is only granted for the specified content (e.g. 3D model) and cannot be applied more broadly to other content (e.g. images, videos and/or text).

You may download the content for temporary storage, such as a browser or proxy cache. You may not transmit or store the content in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system without express written consent or as detailed below.

A non transferable and non exclusive license is granted to distribute and store the content in an electronic retrieval system for nonprofit use and where the content is publicly viewable without charge and without requiring a username/password to access (e.g. Internet Archive archive.org). Such use must comply with additional restrictions as detailed below. Note, this does not allow distribution and storage for mirroring where users are directed to the mirrored content in preference to the live content.

A non transferable and non exclusive license is granted for journalistic use, provided such use of the content does not account for a significant proportion of the journalistic article. Such use must comply with additional restrictions as detailed below.

A non transferable and non exclusive license is granted for educational use. Such use must comply with additional restrictions as detailed below. Educational use is defined as a school, college, university and/or other free to access training course. Paid for training courses run by commercial organisations or individuals is considered commercial use.

A non transferable and non exclusive license is granted to download and 3D print the 3D models listed on Glitch.org.uk for personal use only, unless additional exception is permitted by license. Use of images and/or videos from Glitch.org.uk to showcase or distribute your 3D print of these models is prohibited; You must create your own images and/or videos. This license does not apply to third party 3D models listed or linked by Glitch.org.uk. as these may have their own restrictions on use.

Where a license or written permissions grants your use of content from Glitch.org.uk, your use must comply with the following:

Any text must not be edited or quoted in such a way as to change the original meaning of the text or to apply a different meaning to the text.

Images and/or videos must be used in their entirety and may not be cropped or otherwise modified as to remove or obfuscate the Glitch.org.uk branding.

Adverts may not be displayed directly before, after or overlaid on top of videos.

Any adverts you place alongside the content must be a sufficient distance from the content as to not obscure or confuse an association with the content. No adverts may be placed in-line with the content as to break the text or to separate images and/or videos from the text.

Misleading adverts which attempt to take credit for the content or which attempt to fool readers to click on the advert instead of the content source link cannot be displayed along with the content.

Illegal content may not be displayed with content from Glitch.org.uk and Glitch.org.uk content may not be used for illegal purposes.

All uses must be attributed to Glitch.org.uk and either be linked to the specific article or Glitch.org.uk front page. Where a link is not possible (e.g. TV Programme or news report), a banner or other form of on-screen indication must clearly be displayed and be displayed for sufficient period as to be viewable at normal viewing speed. Such an indications should display at the minimum the article/model title and text “Glitch.org.uk”.

You must not link directly to an image, video and/or 3D model.

Any paper printed copy must clearly attribute Glitch.org.uk as part of the printed copy.

Any 3D printed model on display must clearly attribute Glitch.org.uk. An exclusion is allowed for models displayed in a  personal residence. This exclusion does not extend to personal residences which also have a commercial function or which allow members of the public to tour the residence.

Attribution must not be used in such a way as to imply or infer sponsorship, endorsement or any such association.

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